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ISC2 Volunteer Opportunities:

ISC2 is excited to announce the launch of the official Volunteer Program. This program will provide a cohesive experience in which you can easily review the available volunteer opportunities, indicate your interests and coordinate activities with ISC2 staff.  
Serving as an ISC2 volunteer is a rewarding experience. It provides the opportunity to share ideas and expertise, work with colleagues outside a normal work environment, interact with industry experts and make an impact in both your local and cybersecurity communities.  

To see what is available, visit the Volunteer Opportunities page.

Visit the Volunteer Program page to learn more. If you have any questions, feel free to contact ISC2 at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Learning Opportunities:

ISC2 now offers learning opportunities via the Professional Development Institute (PDI).

Your ISC2 membership is now more powerful than ever. Our Professional Development Institute (PDI) takes you beyond certification with ongoing, high-impact learning opportunities – currently a $3,200 portfolio value and growing – at no additional cost to members.


The PDI is quickly becoming the go-to resource for continuing education. That’s because each course is designed with leading industry experts and based on proven learning techniques. And all courses count for CPEs.

The expanding PDI portfolio includes:

  • Forensic Data Acquisition - 2 CPEs
  • Preparing for a Zero Trust Initiative - 2 CPEs
  • Risk Fundamentals - 2 CPEs
  • Securing the Remote Workforce - 2 CPEs
  • Working in the Cloud - 4 CPEs
  • Ransomware: Identify, Protect, Detect, Recover - 2 CPEs
  • Assessing Application Security Lab – 4 CPEs
  • Building a Strong Security Culture – 4 CPEs
  • CISO’s Guide to Success – 4 CPEs
  • Creating Your Path to CISO – 5 CPEs
  • DevSecOps – Integrating Security into DevOps – 5 CPEs
  • GDPR for Security Professionals: A Framework for Success – 8 CPEs
  • Responding to a Breach – 5 CPEs
  • Introductory File System Forensics - 2 CPEs
  • Live Forensics Using GRR - 2 CPEs
  • Introduction to Memory Analysis with Rekall - 2 CPEs
  • Introduction to Memory Analysis with Volatility - 2 CPEs

The value of your membership will continue to grow as we add more learning opportunities throughout the year. Upcoming topics include cloud security, IoT, machine learning, strengthening interpersonal skills and much more.


Upcoming Events:

ISC2 offers several events throughout the year for information security professionals to advance their knowledge of emerging and current information security issues. These events are available online or in-person.  Visit ISC2 Events to learn more!