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Chapter Meeting Presentations:

November 2021

     Presentation: CMMC Updates. (Dr. Shawn P. Murray)

October 2021

      Presentation: CCSP Tips (Eric Nordberg)

September 2021

      Presentation:  Ransomware (Russ White)

August 2021

      Presentation: Cloud Cybersecurity 2021 (Mark Heinrich)

July 2021

      Presentation: Space ISAC Overview (Erin Miller)

June 2021

      Presentation: SolarWinds Compromise & Mitigations (Brandon Bailey)

May 2021

   The Colonial Pipeline Ransomware Attack  (Melissa Langlois)

April 2021

      Q1 - 2021 Chapter Program Update (Russ White)

      Presentation: Machine Learning Security (Eric Nordberg)

      Inside (ISC)2: Updates on Exams and Certifications Webinar Minutes (Kurt Danis)

March 2021

      PDI Resources and the IoT Ecosystem (Eric Nordberg)

February 2021

      Mac OS Malware "Silver Sparrow" (Shawn Murray) - Red Canary Link

January 2021

      The SAFE DATA Act (Shawn Murray)

December 2020

       (ISC)2 System Security Plans (Jerry Stegmaier)

August 2020

       Cyber News You May Not Hear (Russell White)

January 2020

Cyber News You May Not Hear (Russell White)

September 2019

Smart Phones - Tracking Your Every Move (Jon Martin)

April 2019

Controls are not Requirements (Mark Spencer)

January 2019

Risk Management Framework 2 (Jerry Stegmaier)

August 2018

Survey Monkey survey - Venue Satisfaction (Pat Dole)

April 2017

Securing Standalone Networks (Eric Bailey)

February 2017

Open Source Collection (Rex Scifres)